Anyone Heard of Dragonfly Fibers?

If not, you have now, and it is amazing.

The picture I'm posting below is a blend of Silk, Wool, and Seacell that I just finished spinning. I just love the look of a full bobbin, and kind of want to enjoy it for a day or so before I take the yarn off and set the twist. This is my first time spinning something that had a high silk content (50 silk, 30 wool, 20 seacell), and it was dreamy. It pretty much drafted itself.

Dragonfly also hand-dyes yarn. Pixie by Dragonfly is a lot like Tosh Merino Light (if you can't get the tosh because of how long it takes), but Dragonfly does more exotic colors. Some are tonal but many are more space-dyed in deep colorways.

Anyway, check it out. Finished spinning!

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Nice, I may have to order myself a braid (or two...)

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I had seen them online but yesterday at the loopy ewe in Fort Collins I ran into some of their yarns. I pet. I pet a lot. It may have gotten a bit lewd. But wow, they were soft and scrumptious. I didn't fall in love with the variegated color ways though and hey had no tonal in stock so I walked away with some three Irish girls sock yarn instead. Which to be fair, is just as pretty and wonderful to pet as the dragonfly was. I do think I will be ordering some dragonfly spinning fiber now that I have touched their final product.

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They are amazing! I've only spun their fiber, but they way the colors play with each other once spun and plyed is just incredible.

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Haven't heard of it, but I will check it out!