Kirrmaier II Part C - Detail of I Cord Bind-off

Afternoon All,

Took the day off work and completed the torso after my yard work and thought I'd post some pics of the days progress. I've included a pic ( the second one ) that shows the detail of the I Cord Bind-off. I love this finish for a tunic rather than just a straight bind-off at the end of stockinet stitch if a ribbing waistband or cuff is not being done. That is why I've added it to Heidi's original pattern. It's a personal preference.

I'll start the sleeves in the morning.

Hope you are all ready for a great weekend. I know I am.


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The i-cord bind off is really great, especially if you don't want the bottom of the sweater to cinch in and hug the waist. I recently completed a sweater with it and I like the lines better. Well one. I like the large bands of color.

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Coming along nicely!