Summer fair...

Dear knitting friends,

You'll be pleased to know that I entered in to the spirit of life in the country by finishing and entering a colour work cardigan for the Sheldwich Lees village fair...and I was a little irked to come second to a first-prize-winning set of eggs with stuck on plastic eyes.

Anyway, I share the photos for you all....

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The judges should be hung!!!

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Difficult to get my head around this. The fact that those eggs beat out your cardigan is really insane. I would like to know more about your sweater. Pattern, wool, etc. The colours are very understated - quite beautiful.

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Egg cozies and Cardigans in the same category/division?
You got robbed.
Beautiful work, would love to see more pics.

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Fantastic cardigan! Where did they get these judges? You are the clear far.


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It is so good to know that you have the same judge issues for the fairs that we do. A friend of mine knit a lovely, in-depth lace shawl that received no notice while one of those novelty yarn ruffle scarves won ribbons.

I agree, you were robbed of a well deserved first place. Wonderful work.

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Next time use the colors yellow, lavender, red, pink, and green for your cardigan. Or any combination of random colors that don't really go well together, and you're sure to win. Some people are drawn to bright colors and kitch and lack taste, as apparently your judges do.

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I remember hearing that colorblindness was more common in men than women. Then I went to our local county fair and saw the afghans that the ladies has knitted and crocheted. There were definitely some colorblind women in that bunch.... Yuk! What color combinations!

Then again, that was in the days of Phentex, which you never want to be wearing in the rain - once it gets wet - "Oh what a feeling"

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Sorry, I forgot to say how beautiful your cardigan is. Absolutely stunning on a number of levels.

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Beautiful cardigan, David!
(the judges daughter knitted the eggs)

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David, I can't help but wonder if there is some back-story here that we're not privy to. I'm reminded of the episode from Downton Abbey where there was some kind of village fete and Moseley's father's roses were going up against the Dowager Countess's roses. Mr. Moseley's roses were far better but it took Mrs. Crawley's badgering of the Dowager to get her to give the Grantham cup to Mr. Moseley. In fact the judges decided for the Dowager but she in the end awarded it to Mr. Moseley. I think Bill's comment about the judge's daughter rather tells the story. You may have been up against a local countess.

Great sweater. Any chance of a photo with you wearing it?

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I saw that one!


David, you know you have to live in an English village for 25 years before you are accepted. Were the judges women? Wear that sweater with pride around the village.

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This is hilarious! When the prizes are awarded by a panel who chooses eggs with plastic eyes, I'd rather get no prize than 2nd. Chalk your prize up to their momentary lapse in bad taste.
p.s. the sweater is an impressive piece of work.

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Maybe next year you should knit cardies for eggs? In any event, your sweater is flat out beautiful and you should be thrilled with the result. Rock (and knit) on!

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Regardless of whether you were awarded first, second, or last, the sweater is beautiful and you were proud enough of your work to share it with others. I'm sure that those who walked by and looked at it were far more impressed then the eggs. Other knitters who looked at your work, may learn something, such as the rolled edges. Some knitters may have never tried that before. I think it is a beautiful sweater. Great color choices and very nice shaping! Well done.

Oh yea, piss on the judge!


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Regardless of the official judging, your cardigan is First Place in our well it should be!

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Gorgeous work. I'll remember this the next time the judges don't side with me.

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That sweater is Xtra Fabulous!!!! Forget Those Judges!