Morning Wool

I fell asleep last night while knitting in bed -- trying to finish a 329-stitch row of purls. Woke up at 1:30, but roused myself only enough to flick off the light and go back to sleep. When the alarm went off at 6 my partner mumbled something about some knitting in the bed. The project had spent the night between us!
You've never seen me jump out of bed so fast, with visions of unraveling in my head. Luckily only about 15 stitches had come off the needles, and getting things straightened out wasn't too much of a problem, except for trying to focus my bleary eyes on it.
I guess it's fortunate that it's summer time -- when we try to sleep far apart from each other during the warm nights. A wintertime mishap could have resulted in a felted mess. ;-)
They say that three-ways tend to unravel things. I intend to keep my knitting from coming between us.


Thunderhorse54's picture

Hhaha! I loved this post. I've fallen asleep with my needles in my hands, and have been just as luck as you, with little or none coming off.

knittingman's picture

Fantastic. I've awoke on the couch, looked down at my hands and realized that I would be spending the next hour figuring out just what I did to my project.

CLABBERS's picture

For some really surprising results, take an Ambien then knit for a few hours. You won't remember knitting, and when you wake up and see what you have "created" you will laugh. I wouldn't advise doing this with a project that is meaningful to you, perhaps a swatch of some slightly difficult stitching.

bkeith's picture

Interesting. I'm the opposite. I tend to nod off when I don't have something to occupy my hands. I can watch TV for hours at night as long as I'm knitting. If I try to sit still, though, I wind up missing large chunks of whatever I'm "watching".

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I hate when that happens! I've done it several times...amazed that I can knit in my sleep.


Nehkhasi's picture

How lucky to have not caused much damage to your work! Must have given you a great sigh of relief!