Knotty But Nice Hat

I started this hat at home then took it to Colorado to finish. Once there, I realized it was a bit more intricate than I could focus on, so I brought it home and finished here. It's made with acrylic. I am going to make another one with good wool because I think the uniformity of the stitching may be better with animal fiber.


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That is one good-looking hat. It makes me wish I wore hats like that. I could see how a project like that would be tough to focus on in a social-knitting situation. I think you might be right about using animal hair but I bet if you put the acrylic hat through the wash with some fabric softener, it might even out a little. I seem to remember hearing that about knitted acrylic items...

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It will go in with my darker clothing this weekend. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the suggestion.


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Beautiful Hat! I really like the pattern.
A natural fiber will wear better. Let me sum up my experience with acrylic hats with one word- Cowlicks. My hair is thick which might be a contributing factor. Anyone with thin hair (not thinning hair... jk) care to weigh in? Cabling is such much fun, especially seeing the pattern develop with each row.

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Thanks for the compliment. You can find the hat here...

I have a cowlick...I understand completely!


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Nice looking hat! I agree that animal fiber would be a major upgrade in appearance and in feel. My favorite of late is alpaca. Enjoy.


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I really like alpaca too. I also have some really nice Peruvian Highland wool that might work too. I am thinking a lighter color to show off the cabling better as well. I have a bit of time before the cool winter air hits, so I will continue my search. Thanks for the suggestion.


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That did turn out quite nicely...I was wondering why you didn't knit on it in Allenspark, though.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I like that pattern. It looks weaved. Is it difficult to do?

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Beautiful hat and I look forward to seeing it whatever animal fibers you choose!