"Enconium" A lace scarf

enconium wip
This is a very simple scarf that I was able to design. Thanks to the Malabrigo Company for supporting me with yarn and thanks to Intwined Studio for creating such a great software tool. It has been published on Ravelry and I wanted to share it with you guys. Thanks for stopping by!

Enconium Arco Iris (1)

Enconium Dark Brown (6)


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WOW!! Bravo! Bravissimo! Beautiful work.

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A beautiful scarf Andy. Well done on the design and execution.

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Andy, that is a beautiful scarf. I like the subtle colors. I also have the Intertwined Studio software. I haven't used it for awhile because it was in it's early stages when I first purchased it. I just now upgraded it because I have a couple things rolling around in my head that I should get on paper. I'm glad to read that you are impressed by it and that it worked so well for you. That gives me encouragement to give it another try. It was a bit confusing at first.

Thanks for sharing the scarf!


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The software still has it's challenges. It will not tell you if you made a mistake, I explain. If you have 2 stitches on Row 1 and want to K3tog on Row 2, the pattern will take it, but you make the math lol. That said you can put your ideas to a test, but still be aware it won't catch things like that. Thee are times of course that your stitch count may vary, but on this pattern there is always the same amount of stitches in every round. I have made others that have changing stitches, but on those I included the stitch count.

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Wouldn't it be great if they could develop a program that simulates the design as you make the chart? In other words, show a growing graphic of what a scarf or hat would look like once knitted. As far as I remember, the program doesn't think for us. It just records what we would otherwise draw/write on graph paper or in text.

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I say , yep that is what we need. The program should give us a sample of the possible knitted garment with different gauges! That will help a lot. When I was designing this pattern I had two different gauges, the dark one is smaller gauge and I decided to increase the needle size. From a swatch I did not get the whole picture. I like them both.

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this could happen. Digitizing programs for machine embroidery can do that...even simulating the embroidery as it happens. In 3-D.

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Bill you got the right vocabulary. Definitely a 3d version!

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Is this what you are looking for?

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I tried to run the demo on that and it froze my computer. I don't think it is able to be run on Windows 7. The operating systems seem to have stopped at Vista. I'll have to email them. The software is exactly what I am looking for. Have you run it on your computer?

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I did get it to run on Win7 Home. Install was a bit tricky though ("ignored" several files, as my versions were newer) It looks like it would be useful in creating stitch patterns, but not finished objects. I'll play around with it some more and see what it can do. I'll have some free time this weekend to try it out. I will let you know then.

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Thanks! I appreciate it. Perhaps send me an email to let me know what you find out.

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I did not know there's a software for designing knitting! I'll have to look for that! I love that scarf too. I know people who'd love it!

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Thank You, the software is a great tool, it's great for color work as well

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I like it! The lace is simple enough to stand up to the variegated yarn and really striking in the solid!

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Thank You Sir! Is a great compliment coming from you!

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Andy, your work never ceases to amaze me.
Wonderful Yarn choice, I am not much for lace or flashy colors, but I would definitely wear that!

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love the pattern.. great work

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Very lovely design, Andy. "Encomium" is a most appropriate title.

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Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful! and I LOVE the name ....ENCOMIUM!