Triple Stitch Prayer Shawl

My daughter asked me to knit a couple of prayer shawls for a mother and daughter who were having some significant health issues. Nothing too complicated, but the shawl will be a mental and spiritual hug for a couple of women who need need support while going through some tough times.


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Lovely shawl, Lou. Your designs are always so lovely. I'm sure it will bring great warmth and comfort for the recipients.


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You really did a great job, the color is stunning, and I like all the textures.

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Thanks for your kind words, gentlemen.


Louis I really like this! Love the stitch. I have made friendship shaws for several of my friends and just completed a Stephen West wrap. I also have both volumes of the Prayer shaw ministry books as well. I love idea of having this wrap they will greatly appreciate the work and love that went into the project!

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Very nice knitting and a great gift. My prayer shawl has sort of stalled out since the Spring. I hope to get it going again but those pesky socks I knit keep interfering.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Beautiful color and pattern. Well done!

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So so beautiful! And that color is also! I love the idea of a spiritual and mental hug! They should LOVE this!


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That is lovely. You are kind to offer comfort to your daughter's friends.