Sock Cast On?

Howdy fellas. What cast on do you use for your socks? I've always used long tail but I'm sure there's a better way to do it. Any suggestions?


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I use the long tail cast on over two needles.

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For toe-up socks, nothing beats Judy's Magic Cast On. I also like doing two at a time on magic loop. It saves me from the let down of finishing the first sock and starting all over again to complete the pair.

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I also like Judy's magic cast on. I really dislike provisional cast on with sock yarn.

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For top down socks a friend of mine uses the Estonian lace cast on. My long tail cast ons are always too tight so for a run-of-the-mill cast on I use the knit cast on, with the twist.

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Old Norwegian for my top down 2 @ a time socks. It's just a long tail with an extra step that gives a bit more yarn to the edge to add a little more stretch.

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German twisted cast on. Although It sounds like Quinton's Old Norwegian.

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It is. I've seen it called that as well in some publications. One of those regional things.

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Judy's magic is great for toe-ups. A circular needle makes it non-fiddly but it can be done on DPNs too, if you don't rush things. :)

For top-downs, I use long-tail. It always seems to give just the right tension and it looks fine; maybe there are better ones but for me, `if it ain't broke, don't fix it` is the operating principle. :)

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I always use the long tail cast on. You can make it stretchy or very tight.

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I mainly use Old Norwegian/German, casting on over 2 needles to help give it a bit of extra ease. That's because I normally cast on 8 to 12 stitches Less than I need for the leg/foot when doing ribbing, adding in the stitches right before I finish the ribbed section.

I've also used crochet cast on over 2 needles, sometimes adding an extra chain regularly to simulate the Jeny's Amazing stretchy bind off that's used to toe up.

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