Aran Paint + (stitch pattern design sopftware) Demo review

I found this program on the web for designing stitch patterns.
It is one of the few programs that offer a simulated view of the stitch pattern. Stitch patterns can be viewed as, vertical repeats, horizontal repeats, or all over patterns.
Pattern size is limited to 50 stitches and 50 rows Only 25 rows are usable as each stitch is represented on 2 rows (think garter stitch which takes 2 rows). Even so there is plenty of space for most stitch patterns. "Drawing" a pattern is simple, select stitch from "stitch box" click grid.
The "Stitch Box" (list of usable stitches) is limited to Stockinet, Reverse Stockinet Net, + other Stitches, you select from the Stitch Library. Leaning Stitches (over 1 or 2, left or right) are available but cost a position in the stitch box. I did not find a way to remove stitches from the stitch box.
The Stitch Library offers a choice of Knit/Purl, Bobbles(3stitch), Cables 2-6st and Twist(cable over rev. stockinet background) 2-6st, Yarn Overs, Increases and Decreases single and multiple (most of the common ones), Twisted Stitches, and Slipped Stitches. Updates are mentioned, but I did not check with the demo.
Exporting and saving are disabled in the demo, so the say. It will offer to save a pattern (.ara extension) If you go to open a pattern, or start a new pattern. Documentation says it can export the screen graphic, along with the chart, text, or both. The document will be in .rtf format, and will be loaded into your default Rich Text Format editor (usually WordPad or Word).
All in all, neat program, kind of "gimmicky". Personally, $50.US would buy a lot of yarn and graph paper.


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looks very interesting...but it's not available for Mac.
...might work with virtual windows...but that's such a hassle...

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Since I want to continue school in IT I would love to creat a program for home knitters that will give full instructions on all the patterns that you want to create.