Baby hat's, for sale??? MOM!!!

So I knitted 2 baby hats, I have 2 nieces that are having babies. This past weekend there was a family reunion OH PERFECT. I can give the hats, but first I'd like to show mom my handy work.

Bad move, there's a consignment shop by her house that is desparately looking for baby items. When I showed her the hats her first statement was can I sell them. Umm, errr, ah well I suppose. Of course this was followed by how much should I ask for them. I have no idea, we settled on 10.00 each, then I calculated the cost of the yarn that was 11.00 each. So net loss of 1 buck plus nothing for the time it took to make them. Good thing they were the first 2 with "design elements" so I'll never see them again.

And now I know what to do with all that scrap sock yarn baby slippers!!!!!


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I feel for you! Maybe you can tell her that it's ten dollars each HAT plus the yarn. I never buy the yarn for people that I make and sell stuff for, I let them go and buy the yarn. For an adult hat I charge from $20 to $80 depending on the complexity of the pattern, no matter if I knit or crochet. For a baby Hat, that's a difficult choice, but the least you can charge is let's say the price of the yarn plus $ 5.00 for a cup of coffee you deserve. I never make baby hats unless is for charity and if I am making them with a sweater then you can make the money. Making hand made things , you actually have to charge by the yard or meter . Best of luck!

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Handmade anything is difficult to get your time paid for if you are selling on consignment. A quick glance at "baby hat" on Etsy brought up all sorts of prices but left me with the idea that $20 - $30 for baby hat would be fair.

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Moms. Don't they say the kwaziest things?

Sounds like a "teachable moment" to say "Mom, I have a great idea! Let's spend a few hours together on Saturday afternoon and I will walk you through knitting baby caps. They are easy. We will bond, you will ease the local babywear shortage, and ward off dementia, all in one fulfilling hobby! I'll bring the needles, the yarn, and the wine. Whaddaya think?"