Thanks, FOs, and Hexi-queries!

I've known about this site for years, and would occasionally lurk, but did not join until this month (7/2013). Generally busy and a bit shy. (Why?!) What pushed me into more active participation were topics by Nehkhasi and Lumpnose that really spoke to me.

Thanks, Nehkhasi, for turning me on to Skacel's Fiber Factor. I had long envisioned a kind of "Project Runway for knitters." I'm really enjoying it.

Also, thanks to Lumpnose for discussing carbon fiber interchangeable needles, especially the black Karbonz brand by Knitter's Pride. I can't afford the needles yet but I took a step by ordering every size of the black cables to use with my Knitpicks Sunstruck needle set. (Sorry, Knitpicks, but I was never feeling the purple ones. Black just feels more masculine and sophisticated to me . . .)

FO: Just finished my first Clapotis.

Q: Currently, yarnbusting with hexipuffs. For those of you who have hexi-ed before, and successfully hex-ied all the way to the climactic hexi-quilt/cushion/pad, what was your method of finally connecting them, and how did you place them in terms of the direction of the stockinette of each hexipuff? (Color placement, of course, would be highly personal and idiosyncratic . . .)


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I whip stitch them together....paying no attention to the direction of knitting.

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Just at the angle points (giving a more flexible material), or all the way along the edges (making a firmer cushion)?

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all the way along the edges. the puffs are lightly stuffed.

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Welcome to the group and I hope you enjoy yourself immensely.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I've never done hexi puffs, so I looked it up and I think they're beautiful and interesting! I just desired to comment that I'm glad you found interest in the Fiber Factor and to say that I LOVE it! Hope you'll share some of your insight on challenge #3! Gold Leaf is Beautiful!


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Re: Gold Leaf Clapotis. Thanks! It was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. I was late to the Clapotis party but maybe fashionably late is not so bad . . .

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I still haven't knitted a clapotis....but I love knitting with the Blue Heron Rayon Metallic yarn!

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Now we just need to et you to a retreat.... Welcome to the dark side.