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I just downloaded the pattern for The Brethren Sock. I can't find a pattern
for socks with larger needles and yarn, so I'm just jumping in. Now with the
Brethren Sock, just a plain one. Also, do socks need to be blocked? I am an
addicted knitter, I take it everywhere. Dr's appts., long car rides, friends
houses, even to picnics. I have no shame in what I do anymore. KNIT ON


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I have no idea why this posted twice.

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I will share with you my bits of experience. You have to be able to try the sock on as you go, circular needles become handy. I make my socks on dpns, but gran a circular to try them on. The Brethren is a good pattern, You can try going a needle size up, but do try to see if you match gauge. My socks are a little tight, not by much, but I made mine on US 1. It has cables, so they are not as stretchy. Socks do not really need blocking, but when you wash them you can put them on , stretch them a bit , take them off and let them dry.

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Thank you sir! I'm going to be taking every bit of info and experience from the men on here and put it in a folder for future reference. You do great socks! I don't know if I can go with such bright colors, but you never know!

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if you search for the Ann Norling basic sock pattern...she has charts for several different weight yarns and sizes.

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Thank you sir! I will check into that right away.

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I am about ready to try another pair...only one thus far and a few years back. I will give this pattern a try. Best wishes,
Wade in Florida


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We'll have to compare notes.

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The only reason I block socks is for taking pictures off the foot; it seems to even out the stitches a little bit. Otherwise I don't think you'd really notice the difference once you put them on.

I used to follow needle-yarn recommendations to the letter and since I wear an 11 1/2 or 12 shoe, I used to go for the 72-stitches often recommended for a men's sock. I don't think I'm especially loose a knitter but for whatever reason that always turns out a sock that's a little slack with 2.5 mm needles, so now I go for 68 stitches. I look at patterns more like recipes now, as good suggestions but open to tweaking to find what works best for you.

But I got way into the Brethren Sock before I realized it was too tight for after agonizing for about 15 minutes about whether to go ahead with them or frog, I frogged ad went up half a millimeter on the needle size and they worked great. And I still haven't finished them, which is weird because the yarn is gorgeous and I don't hate cables all that much...;)

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Thanks for the input. I don't think the Brethren Sock will be on my to-do list for a while, not until I get used to the small needles and thin yarns. But I WILL do them.