Knitting Collision

Good Morning All,

Well another sweater is on the sticks to replace the another one my sons carted off. I've decided to do another of Weinstein's Raglan Sleeved Henley. I've chosen a fibre called Rustic Tweed - Queensland Collection made in Chile in a golden rust color. It is 63% wool, 27% alpaca and 10% donegal. I am knitting it on size US6 needles. The pattern can be found in Knits Men Want by Bruce Weinstein photography by Jared Flood. However I will be incorporating woodland inspired color work from patterns by Susan Anderson-Freed from here book Colorwork Creations, hence the "Knitting Collision'. If you are familiar with Bruce's pattern I am at the halfway point going down the front Button Placket. I've incorporated a garter stitch section to set off the collar. His pattern called for a straight Stockinette Stitch throughout. I'll keep updates posted as I move through the pattern.

Happy Knitting All,


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Nice color. I will be looking forward to the updates. Happy knitting!


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Ought to be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Love the color! I'll be watching for this one.

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Looking forward to seeing your work! I have that book and am looking forward to knitting something from it too! Nice color!


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Your project looks like it will be good-looking and very wearable. Thanks for bringing this book up. When you mentioned it I realized that I got it when it came out but have never really considered making anything from it. Why not? On perusal now, I see that it has a variety of good basic patterns that are infinitely adaptable for what I like. I think I initially was excited because of Bruce and Jared but then was put off by the subtitle :"The 10 Basic Rules Every Woman Should Know Before Knitting for a Man", as well as the ongoing "rules" in each chapter, essentially that Men reject asymetry, bigger knits, and color.

I'm a man but not that man. I'm not RuPaul but I'm not a constipated corporate drone either. I don't want to look feminine (and of course, that's the issue with the majority of patterns out there) but I also don't want to look boring. Maybe I just push against being forced into the stereotype of a strict dress code for men, a stereotype which may, I admit, be true for many men. OK, so maybe I'm weird and only represent myself but, I can't help it: I live in this brain and body and can't escape!!

The book that gets it right for me is Erika Knight's Men's Knits: A New Direction. The colors and styles are, I think, very masculine but cool and innovative, with small style points that make them distinctive but very adaptable to a variety of societal situations. Have made many projects from it.

But, am definitely going to give Knits Men Want a fair shot because I think I was unfairly biased (see above rant!). Since you have recommended it, maybe the Henley (adapted, because that's how I always roll . . .) will be a good project for me.

How do other people fall in the finding-books/patterns-that-reflect-your-style discussion? Does it irritate you that some people claim to know what "men like", or is that just cranky me?

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Bruce's book is a good starting point. You can do your own variations...and just just the book as a beginning formula...

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That is true. I see that now.