Knitting Collision - B

Good Morning Everyone,

Well I completed all my yard work late friday afternoon after work because rain was in the forecast for the evening into saturday. I planned to arrange my time to get in a good amount of knitting done since the weather was to be less than ideal. Spent friday night and most of yesterday working on this project and made good progress. I am just a few rows away for beginning the color work based on one of Susan Anderson-Freed's patterns. Her book colorwork creations is a beautiful and has woodland inspired hats, mittens and gloves. I am going to adapt the pattern for a nuthatch for this sweater. Her book intrigued me because one of my hobbies is bird watching. Her book was published in 2010 and I bought it when it first came out because it includes pattens of many species of stylized birds, ducks, etc. and knew I could work them into some projects. I've knitted the raglan-sleeved Weinstein Henley straight once before as you know and thought of the idea of incorporating Susan's designs after I completed that one. So this project is the first attempt of adapting one of her designs. Here are a couple of pictures of yesterday's work. The first shows the point where the button placket is complete and the front is joined and the second is where the upper sleeves come off the needles and are put on waste yarn for completing later and the front & back is joined. This picture was taken with one row complete under the arm pit. I plan to knit 5 rows in the round to set up the color work.

I did not get as far as I hoped today. After church I went to the office for a while to get some data prepared for an early meeting tomorrow. But I have complete the first color work band coming down the torso. Here is a picture and another of the colors I am using.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend,


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Great work and I especially like your color choice! I will be checking in to see your progress with the color work.


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Can't wait to see the colour work! just posted a bit of the colour work...

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OK. You got me VERY interested now...

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Like the color work!
Lookin' Good