Grouchy Geisha

At the Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat, we stopped in at the Loopy Ewe and I managed to pick up a gig teaching a couple of classes. One of them will be beginning lace. Although I'll be covering lace knitting in general and theoretical terms, it was suggested that I teach toward a pattern as well. I decided on the Grouchy Geisha from ravelry.

I figured I should knit the thing before I pretended to be an expert at it, so here it is. It's knit in "Dream In Color" Smooshy. Merino, Nylon and Cashmere. I LOVE it.

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It's beautiful, such a master of lace you are.

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Thanks! I can't wait til my "Rose Window Shawl" that I found on ravelry gets done. I'm doing it in my handspun lace weight yarn and it is going to be GORGEOUS!!!

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Congrats on the lace teaching opportunity! As I am knitting my Adamas project, I realize I have needed lace knitting instruction for a long time . . . wish I could take your class. This is a handsome piece. I like the angles in it and the lush dark color. Here's a lace shawl a guy could throw over his shoulder on a cool evening!

Considering that you'll be trotting this out for public consumption, forgive me for playing Devil's advocate for a moment, just in case you get this comment later from your students: what is "grouchy" or "Japanese" about this pattern? This was my first thought and perhaps others may have it as well. I see that the creator Marisa Hernandez says that it was "inspired by Japanese motifs".

My random guess would be that she saw a Japanese traditional roof design, also sometimes seen in an overlapping motif in textiles, and reinterpreted it in a completely unorthodox ("grouchy") way. I've certainly seen altered or untraditional designs before that describe them as "drunken" or "bent" or "broken". I think this is the same impulse. I also think she played up an "Asian" look of it by doing it in bright red (which is actually more Chinese-influenced than traditional Japanese but that's a small point). Truth be told, I think the color you chose is more authentically the real Japanese color-sense and aesthetic!

What do you think of all this?