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Now that the new Dr. Who has been announced...Peter Capaldi...I wanted to share another cute little Dr. Who Moment. In one of the episodes in the 6th season, I noticed that in a bar setting, he was reading a knitting magazine. Of course, it would by my first instinct to put a knitting magazine in a bar...not! Nevertheless, I thought it would give other Whovians on this site a bit of chuckle as well.



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I'm not surprised. I wish they might add more references to knitting in the show. The new Doctor needs to wear something knit.

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thanks for sharing,
If you have not seen "Moone Boy" (a exclusive) funny show, check it out! I am charting Martin Moone's hat right now. I noticed many great sweaters on the show. In S01E02 I think, there is a beautiful herringbone cardigan (the bullies' father) It finally hit me. Why so many great men's sweaters? Well it is set in Ireland.

Enjoy and Thanks