I decided to give it another go. I figured out Judy's magic cast on...thanks YouTube! This is toe up basics on circulars. It's a first for me!


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That's my second pair of socks, I started toe-up on my first pair. I'm dreading that Kitchener stitch at the toe.


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Kitchener should be properly called grafting. And doing it on toes is very simple to do -- IF you follow some really basic steps.

See: This is based on Lucy Neatby's tutorial, but this one is very clear with wonderful photos. Give it a try! You'll never "dread" grafting if you do it this way. You can do this on shoulders, cuffs, anything in fact where you are joining two knitted pieces.

There is never anything to dread in knitting... except boredom.

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One really simple thing that helped make the kitchener stitch a little less tedious is this: Instead of "knitting" off the first stitch an pulling all the yarn through before going purlwise through the next stitch and pulling it all through again, just do the "knit-off" and immediately go the "purl through" on the next stitch, then pull the yarn through. Works just as well.

Also, before you go to it on your actual sock, you can just do a practice run. knit a few rounds of say, 80 stitches, then practice kitchenering them off. That way you can get confident with it before you actually do it on your long-knit sock, because fixing a messed-up kitchener is really difficult.

I finish my socks with a 3 needle bind off, and it doesn't créate any problems. My socks are just as comfortable as if I had done the kitchener stitch.