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Nice, Good looking Yarn

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I like the colorway of those socks, Wade. I enjoy toe up a lot. I want to experiment with different heels though. I learned recently to use corresponding thread that came with the skein of yarn to reinforce the heel, but I have only seen that with one skein of yarn. I was taught that just doubling the yarn (pull from the outside and inside of the skein at the same time if you are able) does a nice job too.

Here's a place to buy yarn that has the matching heel-reinforcing thread on a bobbin.

Keep plugging away. I am a newbie when it comes to socks as well and am finally at a place where I can make a pair and actually wear!


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most yarn shops carry little cards of nylon/wool yarn specifically for adding to heels and toes. it's not expensive, and comes in a lot of colours.

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Thanks guys. I would love to add the heel reinforcement in a complimentary color. Unfortunately, I don't have access to a yarn store so am at the mercy of my stash.
I'm liking the toe up situation!


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What I do is I double the yarn I am knitting the heel with or use a yarn that goes well with your choices and double that one up.

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Mind if I pick your brains a bit?

I understand doubling up the yarn (2 strands held together)while working toes and heels, for reinforcement. Using the other end of the yarn ball (as Mark mentioned) or the nylon/wool yarn (Bill mentioned).

Does the double stand change the gauge?
Any adjustments needed to the pattern?

I am starting a pair of socks for a Christmas gift, and like the idea of sturdier toes and heels.

Thanks any and all,

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That's really nice-looking, Wade. Is that one ball of yarn or are you switching yarns with all those color changes? Nice stitchery. Very easy on the eyes altogether...

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Great workmanship. I'm jealous.

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Very nice. I look forward to updates.

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