the quarter stitch - New Orleans

Afternoon all,

Just spent the last 5 days in the french quarter with my younger son at the National Flute Convention. He is the musician. A talented flutist who played with the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra while in High School and won their concerto competition. The food in the quarter was as great as usual and we had a good time. While there we discovered the Quarter Stitch on St. Chartres just off Jackson Square. Great shop with tons of material and great needlepoints as well. If you are ever there it is worth a stop. Sorry no picture. Did not think of it.



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I'm from New Orleans. LOVE The Quarter Stitch! Some of the most stunning art yarns and a definite stop for stitchers. New location is around the corner from where they used to be right on Jackson Square. After shopping, admire your purchases at down the street at The Napoleon House over a muffaletta , a cup of gumbo, and a Pimm's Cup. Caveat: this ain't Micheals's or Hobby Lobby. It's a small shop and they have no "workhorse yarns" or sales bins here. Be prepared to either enjoy "window shopping" or shell out top dollar for top-of-the-line and one-of-a-kind hand-crafted yarns frankly aimed at wealthy tourists. For more prosaic project yarns, try The Vault or the Garden District Needlework Shop (both on Magazine St. near the Garden District going uptown).

Love my hometown . . . where did you guys stay and where did you eat?

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We stayed at the Marriott in the French Quarter - the 4 day convention and concerts were held there. Here are some of the places we at - Court of the Two Sisters, Sobu, K Paul's, Antoine's, Cafe-du-Monde, Cafe Fleur de lis, Red Fish Grill, Kingfish and Tableau.

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The Quarter Stitch is a nice shop and the owners are very, very sweet. I'm also a New Orleans native, although I moved to Pittsburgh a month ago, and hope you enjoyed our city. Did you get to explore all the different dining rooms in Antoine's? How was SoBou? I haven't eaten there, but heard it's got a fun menu.

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Darrel, My son and I had a fabulous time in NOLA. Sobou was great. Fun place. The woman in the quarter stitch was from Missouri (where I currently live) which I thought was very funny and yes did explore the different dining rooms at Antoine's. JRob