Knitting Collision - C

Good Evening,
I did not take my current knitting project to NOLA because I knew my son's schedule and mine where already packed with convention events. Picked it up yesterday where I left off and thought you all might enjoy an update. I've included a picture of the Anderson-Freed project that was the inspiration for the color work I am incorporating into the Weinstein raglan. The birds are the next band I'll be completing. Hope all your knitting projects are making progress.

Regards to all,


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Bill's picture

Love the birds!
...are you doing just birds or also trees etc?
(I'd love it with just birds...)

JRob's picture

Thanks Bull . Birds, Trees & snow flakes as shown in the hat will be the complete band and then a repeat of the first two I've already completed to finish off the torso color work.


Tom Hart's picture

Love it. Love the colors, love the stitchery, love the design. Really looking forward to seeing how this unfolds... All the best with it. Brilliant work, Tom

JRob's picture

Thanks Tom. I'll post again once all the color work in the torso is done.


Thunderhorse54's picture

This sweater is beyond words, I've never tried that type of colorwork. I guess it's on my "TO TRY" list.