simple prayer shawl

Wisdom seems to come with age and experience. In the process of losing my wife to cancer, I came to realize that prayer shawls were an answer to not knowing that to do when someone is in treatment, going through a difficult life-altering situation, or in need of comfort. To honor Kay, I have been knitting prayer shawls for 8 years and this is #131. My daughter wondered if I happened to have a prayer shawl on hand for a friend of hers. Fortunately, I was only a few rows away from completing this fabric and I'm happy to say the shawl is on its way. The pattern is simple and was designed to keep my hands busy while watching TV. If any of you are part of a prayer shawl ministry, please feel free to download a free PDF by following this link.


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Nice job, Louis. It's beautiful. I'm sure the recipient will like it a lot. Great work. Tom

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Thanks for your kind words, Tom. The person receiving this is going through such an ordeal right now with multiple health issues. She's strong in her faith and will appreciate the prayers that have been said during the knitting process. One knitting hug at a time.

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Hi Lou,
Beautiful pattern and beautiful work!
I have already downloaded the pattern to make this for a friend of mine. Thanks for the inspiration!


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Thank you for all the beautiful free patterns you've put up on ravelry!
I've downloaded several...they're handsome!

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Incredible work,
Thanks for sharing so many patterns

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That is so lovely. I'm sure the recipient will find comfort in it.