Knitting Collision - D

Torso Color Work Complete

Hello All, Been busy after getting the yard work done this weekend and completed the Anderson Freed color work that I've added to the torso of the Weinstein's Raglan-sleeved Henley. The pattern of hers that I chose to adapt from her hats and mittensand is a nuthatch (Sitta carolinesis) - OK so now you know one of my hobbies is bird watching and that is what first attracted me to he designs. I am pleased with the way the concept is coming together. Took a picture of the back but the color work is identical on the front.

Regards and best wishes to all,


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Bill's picture

that looks GREAT!!!!

SAPBrown's picture

Just beautiful!
Love the colors.

Tom Hart's picture

I'm blown away. It's just spectacular! Beautiful work! Now I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole thing. Tom

CLABBERS's picture

Stunning...I am in awe.


Potter's picture

That pattern looks there is a LOT of counting involved. I am amazed at your skill and patience.