Facebook Group

I hope I'm posting in the correct area. Can anyone tell me about the Facebook group? Over the last month I've sent a couple requests to join the group, but it never gets approved. Is the group still an open group?
It has been at least a couple weeks since my last request.

Thank you

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Why don't you post the link and I will check it out

I'm not sure what link you are referring to. I use The Facebook app. I searched for "Men Who Knit." It came up and I clicked the request to join. After several days, I cancelled the request and then resent the request. As of now, it shows it still pending.

Thank you.

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I got the group and I don't belong to it. It seems it is a group from here, but I have no idea who the administrator is on Facebook. That's as much as I know. I belong to other groups on facebook and definitely Ravelry. I am afraid I can not help you on that sorry!

I'm unsure who the admin of the group is. WonderMike added me.

The group is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/274592610311/