Retreat Socks

I finally finished the socks I began at the Colorado retreat. I was interrupted with a few other projects, a trip to FL, and the first two weeks of the start of another school year. I think they turned out well and they feel very comfortable. The Yarn is Lang Jawoll. It's a superwash, so they will make their maiden voyage through the wash tomorrow. They should soften up nicely. I can't remember much else about the yarn because I misplaced the wrapper. My wife bought the yarn for me in Kansas City and I know it comes from Switzerland. The stripes are pretty close to matching, so I am pleased with that as well. I also added the thinner sock-reinforcement (heel and toe) for this pair. I think it will make a nice difference in their durability.

I now have no projects on my needles, but I think a Raglan-Sleeved Henley by Bruce Weinstein is next. I am, however, tempted to just do a standard, no-frills raglan sweater and add some fun stitchwork patterns and perhaps some cabling. I got 15 skeins of yarn for free as an apology from Knit Picks for a bad batch of yarn last Christmas, so I can add a bit of my own creative madness to a sweater.


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Great job.

I need to get back to my sock knitting soon. You have inspired me but I have a few projects that I am still doing. I have my scarf that I haven't started yet and hats that I have finished but a cowl that was meant to be a hat still in progress.

No sexy photos of you posing with the sock strategically placed? I did a photo shoot with a jumper that I knitted ages ago. It was a lot of fun. Of course the pics are only on my computer.

Mark my parents have gone home. They had a wonderful time. I hope they come back next year. I have planted the idea in their mind because I am sure i can get European tours cheaper here in Turkey than in Australia.

Will be in touch via email this week some time ... to let you know how it goes with the new position.

I am definitely with you on yarns these days. Altan's mum's cowl is knitting up nicely, so soft.
Big hugs


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You mean the photo of me isn't sexy with the socks strategically placed? Hmmm. I'll just have to try harder next time. ;) I look forward to your email. Good luck in the new position. It sounds great. Let me know if you want your school and mine to trade some webcam time and perhaps some writing/literature.


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Nicely done. Look great. Hand made socks always have such a great feel on the foot.


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Looks Great

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Fantastic work. I'm so glad I was there for there birth. :)

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Thanks, Jonathan...let me know when you get your pattern completed and need me to give it a good testing.


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I must apologize. I used the wrong there there. My bad. ;)

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Ooh, identical twins! :)

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Great work! I don't think I'll be doing striping anytime soon.

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I have another self-striping yarn so I can wear them while hiking in cooler weather. They are more natural colors and will go well with jeans and hiking shoes. I'm glad it was one of the freebies from the retreat. After that, and one other garishly striped yarn, I may set that skill aside a bit. I have my eyes on a Henley raglan sweater.

Self-striping yarn is easy, it just changes and lines up very nicely.The toes and heels may be off color a bit because I added a thinner reinforcement yarn and knitted that in with the regular yarn. It seems more substantial and I like that.


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Very nice looking socks. They have my stamp of approval...for what that's worth.

Seriosly, though, they look nice and I'm glad you enjoyed knitting them up.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Joe you were so complimentary of the silly socks I took to the retreat and you respected my pride of completing my Henley sweater. You welcomed me so warmly and with wide open arms. I value your stamp of approval more than you know. Our chat with David out on the patio while the others went shopping and hiking was just a wonderful experience. Getting to know you and David filled me with a lovely feeling of friendship like very few others have ever done with me. I value that as well.

I so look forward to spending time with you again someday. Maybe we could get together outside of a retreat sometime. I'd love to go up into your neck of the woods in Wyoming and maybe Quinton could come along too. I'm sure we would have a great time together.

When does the snow come back to the mountains in Wyoming? I'd love to do some moderate hiking on some trails, but don't want to have to pack and put on all the heavy clothes to keep me warm. I have never done Wyoming before and it is on my list of travel musts. I would also like to see your stash and your other knitting things around your home.

Thanks, Joe, for simply being Joe!


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My goodness...spare me my blushes.

Thank you for the very nice compliments. I was just being me. However, I must own that I am usually quite reserved and shy but was in a familiar environment, which made it much easier to be more outgoing in person than I usually am. Knowing Dave and you through this space helped, as well. It was a pleasure to meet you, too, after all our chats here.

I'm afraid I can't answer much on the hiking and such in Wyoming. I'm too much of a city boy. I enjoy the natural beauty of my home state but have to say I'm not out in it very much anymore. Snow can return anytime in the Fall, but usually starts building in December. The higher country may begin snowpack earlier but I can't definitively say when. Quinton knows much more about these things, as he is definitely a hiker and such. There is a lot of wonderful mountain areas to choose from, though, in almost every section of the state. Which is a Blessing for us all.

As to getting together...who knows what the future may bring? It would be interesting to see what develops. My stash is varied, but the sock yarn takes up a small suitcase, with overflow. As for knitted objects: They are mainly socks as most of my other items are gifts and already owned by others.

Again, thanks for the kind words. I greatly appreciate them.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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very nice! so that is self striping yarn? i haven't tried that yet. i've been experimenting with doing a bunch of knee high socks in 2 and 3 color work. since color work doesn't stretch, it is a real learning experience to knit them so they can actually go on over a heel!

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Color work stretches like a limousine if you double-knit it....