Tempo Crochet Caps

CoBaSi 045a
Today I got this pattern published by Skacel. It is one of the patterns I made for the Skacel Collection, Inc. I am excited to see the pattern is finally out. It is Tapestry Crochet, not your everyday crochet, a bit for the intermediate crocheter.
CoBasi 004 (2)
An double view of the hats I made inspired by the San Francisco Giants and by Halloween of course. I love Orange and black together and this pattern shows off very nicely. Thanks for stopping by!


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I stand in awe sir! You are a talented artist.

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Thank you, I love making Tapestry Crochet hats. Its a nice challenge .

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Great hats, Andy. I really should consider crochetting them up but knitting seems to occupy my time. LOL Congratulations.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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YOu are quite talented Andy. That is a wonderful pattern.