Wife's Denim Sweater Done

Morning All,

Working hard to get projects off the needles to wear this fall. Last night I complete my wife's Denim sweater with 3/4 sleeves. This is an easy knit because the yarn does all the work. The yoke is a variegated color way that takes care of itself. I really like the fibre. It is 100% cotton and is a Schachenmayr nomotta product and is machine wash cold - air dry. Color is called Denim. Feels great on the body. I think I'll have to make a sweater for myself out of it. Have a great and safe holiday weekend everyone. Happy Knitting,


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Thunderhorse54's picture

Very pretty! I especially like the yoke. I know your wife will love it!!

JRob's picture

Thanks Terry. Now if we can escape this heat and head to fall I know it will be well worn. She really likes the way it turned out. JRob

Bill's picture

That's a WINNER!
...such beautiful even knitting!

JRob's picture

Thanks Bill. JRob

CLABBERS's picture

Beautiful work! What size needle did you use? Was it worsted weight?

JRob's picture

Good Evening Mark,
Needles were a size 6. A littler lighter than worsted weight. It worked up beautifully washed and blocked well. Wife really loves it. Great feel to the sweater and drapes nicely.

SAPBrown's picture

The variegated yarn for the yoke looks wonderful.