color affection by Veera Valimaki

Good Evening Everyone,
Well only one sleeve to go on my knitting collision sweater and just I picked out my next project. I've decided on the popular pattern "color affection" by Veera Valimaki. Check it out it wonderful and you can find it on revelry - almost 10,000 projects done! I picked out my yarn today while touring some of my favorite shops. I'll be making this one for my wife to wear with her black wool winter coat. The yarns I chose were pricey. I am using two skeins of La Jolla Baah original hand painted yarn which is a 100% super wash Merino fingering weight at $29.50 a skein. I chose the color ways of Black Pearl and Burmese Ruby and I am pairing them with another beautiful hand painted fibre also marino from Mountain Colors Inc in their color way Trading Post at $26.50. The scarf should be stunning - for approximately $90.00 I hope she loves it. I'll post some pics once it is on the needles in about a week. Regards to All - JRob


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LOVE that pattern! your stole/scarf will be stunning!