Jaywalkers for me

Well, after seeing them here, making a pair for my mom and deciding I needed a pair for myself too, I think I've had enough of jaywalkers for a while! I do enjoy the pattern though it does take a bit more time than some because of the larger number of stitches involved to compensate for relative lack of elasticity in the leg. I can just barely get them over my heel but once they're on they are very nice. The only thing I'd change if I made them again is the toe. The standard distance from the toe to start toe decreases is 2" but since these are kitchenered off at 7 stitches on each needle instead of the more common 4 or so, it leaves the toe just a bit snug. Not enough to be a problem as long as I keep my toenails clipped. :)





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I think they look nice. I'm almost finished with my first pair.

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they look great!

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Excellent! I like your color choice.


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Beautiful work, Bob. Lucky mom, lucky you.

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Well, lucky mom and lucky someone else at least! Loath as I am to admit it, they're just a bit too small; they pull the heel down past my heel and are hard enough to get on and off that I think they'll feel better on someone else's foot. So I think they'll go to my mom's neighbor who loved the ones I did for mom. She's done so much for my mother (who recently had to go into assisted care), that a pair of socks would be the least I could do for her. :)

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The design of the sock is outstanding. I really like them. You did a beautiful job. Is the lack of give in the sock at the heel a result of the type of yarn you used, or the pattern itself?

I found a toe-up version of this sock, but it was very confusing...still searching!

Well done!


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Thanks, the lack of give is due to the pattern. The zig-zag comes from increases on either end of each repeat and a double decrease in the middle. This creates tension in the middle that pulls it down. So in the foot for example, while the sole has 18 stitches to a needle, the instep has 21 to make up for it in terms of width - but it doesn't make up for it in give.

If I did it again for myself I guess I'd do the next size up, because part of what happened was that the foot was a little tighter (though comfortable) and that sideways stretch meant that the toe stitches extended less. That plus the bindoff at 28 stitches instead of 16, meant a shorter foot than I needed.

Are you particularly attached to toe-ups? There seems to be more than one toe-up version out there. Here's one that claims to be a bit simpler: http://dragonseye.com/shared/JaywalkerSocksToeUpRewrite.pdf
Still I think you'll understand it better if you read through the top-down version first.
Go for it!

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Thanks Bob!
I do like toe-up socks better because I like to know where I am going to end up in terms of length of sock and cuff as opposed to ending at the toe. Just a preference right now. I have vowed, however, to retry some top-down socks again to then have a more informed choice. My first sock was top-down and it wasn't a particularly gratifying experience. I was new to knitting then, so I may just chalk that up to not trusting a pattern and just the naiveté in terms of simply reading patterns. I read through the pattern to which you directed me and it seems pretty straightforward. I loved that she uses the word penultimate instead of saying second-to-last stitch. I had also found that pattern the other day but I would have to make some adjustments for fit, inasmuch as I am not a size 8.5. I'm about a 10 (love bragging about size. wink wink)

Thanks again for the reply. It contains great pattern advice.


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I have looked at this one, and have not made it yet. I have heard that there is not as much stretch in it as you are used to, so take that into consideration when choosing needles. Do you think you could have added one more stitch in each section, just to make it a bit wider? Hmm, guess I need to swatch.

If you like a pointier toe (and I can see that you need one), then you should have decreased to the 4 you normally do. We always need to "tweak" the patterns just a little, since they are never written correctly to fit us. You are allowed to do that, you know! For me, since I have a wider toe, I may need to graft at 10 or 12 stitches. You see, we all are a bit different, but the same. Well, you know what I mean.

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wow. really cool. great color choice, and your technique look superb! bravo sou...

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'fxaristw. :) It's a pretty easy sock actually, there's not much happening except knits/purls, increases (knit forward and back) and a double decrease. Maybe not an ideal "first sock" but second definitely. :)

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Nice socks. I think that giving them to your Mom's neighbor is an excellent idea.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Yes to the Socks!