My Trip to Netherlands

Been awhile since I have written and thought I just update you all. I am three days back from my vacation to Amsterdam. And it met all my expectations. Only I didn't have much time to look for knitting stores. I did happen to find one in the city of Hoorn. And they were having a sale on yarn! Of course what could I do!!! I bought a skein of llama and two of finger weight merino wool. I've never had llama before so not sure what creation that would become. The finger weight will become a shaw, the recent edition of "Traditional Knitting" has issue on lace. One is a dutch shawl. I might give this a go. I also am a fan of Stephen West and he's come out with a few new creations so that might be also possibility. I've enclosed a pic of my encounter will a goat I met on one of the sightseeeing tours(very commercialized) just to spark creativity in me. LOL Well evidently I cannot upload the picture after all, too big. So when I get the time I will send one of the yarn I purchased.


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I'm so glad your vacation was a success. I did a google search for that Traditional Knitting Magazine, but with no results. Could you please give me a link. I would like to explore lace knitting.

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Why thank you sir!