Knitting Collision Colorwork - Done

Good Afternoon All,
The knitting collision colorwork sweater is done. I finished it early this morning then washed and blocked it while I did my yard work. Here is a picture of the finished garment just snapped by my lovely wife. Read the previous posts and you can see its progress. It is Bruce Weinstein's Raglan Sleeved Henley from his book Knits Men Want and the color woks is an adaption of Susan Anderson-Freed's Nuthatch Ski Hat design in her book Colorwork Creations - Woodland Inspired Hats, Mittens & Gloves. Hence the collision concept. Have a great weekend and hope your sticks are clicking. JRob

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Wow! I can't imagine how it must feel to be the creator of that garment. It's just so stunningly well done. Masterfully done. And the marriage of those two patterns is brilliantly successful. Are you going to send pictures to the designers? I would imagine that they'd be impressed. Brilliant job. Really brilliantly well done. Tom

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PS Don't let your kids see it. For a while at least...

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they can see it,
just be wearing it.

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Thanks Tom. It is hidden in the closet so the kids will not cart it off.

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Love, love, love this sweater. You have to be very proud of your work. Each time I see this, I want to delve into color work.

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Thanks Terry.

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Beautiful work. I imagine that you enjoyed the shows!


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Thanks Wade.

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Simply Inspiring, Beautiful color work

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Thanks Stephen.

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You did a terrific job on the sweater. I have it earmarked in my book to make soon. How did you like the cuffs and the hem? I see that you had to turn and sew them. Another sweater I made used the i-cord BO, which has a similar look. If you have had any experience with that BO, does it produce a similar effect? I'm allergic to seams and hems, which is the only reason I am asking. I love raglan sweaters in their basic form because there aren't any seams or hems. Let me know what you think. They look great; a job very well done!


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Cuffs and bottom are I-cord bind off not. It was a great project. This is the second one I've made.