Almost a sock.

Here you go JRob, it's almost a sock. I don't know the fiber content as the yarn was given to me with a plain white wrapper. When I finish this pair, I'm going to try toe-up and decide which method I prefer. THEN I'll try two at a time. I too have been busy, completing the top of a Quilt of Valor, two dolls, and a bunch of alterations. What are YOU up to?

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That's a very nice looking sock. I like how the zigzag moves down the leg. Here's hoping that the second one is similar.

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I hope so too. it was a happy accident.

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I really enjoy the colors. Very even stitching! Well done.

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Thanks for the positive feedback.

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Terry, Thanks for posting. I love handmade knitted socks. I have not done a pair yet this year. I have lots of sock yarn in my stash maybe it is time to pull some out and knit myself a new pair for the fall. JRob

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I like the yarn and the way it's pooling. Fun!