It's been awhile

I haven't logged into my account here in quite some time. I just moved to Indiana from Oregon and I have had some issues finding a good knitting group, but I have a good line on one now and I am looking forward to making some new knitting connections here in my new home.


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Lots of luck finding local resources and fellow knitters. Good to see you again. Take care.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Good to meet you. I am in Chicago. What part of Indiana did you move to?


Welcome to Indiana especially Fort Wayne, where I live! Mens knitting groups to my mind do not exist here YET. I know of only one other person who knits, there is a couple here that have a farm that has fiber interest. However I do not know much about them. It would be nice to get a group to gather. I think all we need is a meeting place.
Let me know and I would be glad to meet and figure something out. Perhaps a cup of coffee or tea.

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Welcome to Indiana. In Muncie area here myself.

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Indiana sounds like quite a bit of a change from Oregon. I hope you are enjoying the change.
Have you checked at the local yarn shop and the library for a men's knitting group?