Another sweater

I knit a sweater for myself with Briggs and Little Sport (one of my favourite yarns) and 3.25 mm needles. I asked my friend Miguel to model it for me. I have made this collar many times on my sweaters because I can button them up to the top and it serves as a scarf or cowl. I am going to Europe next week and will take it with me. It should be the right weight for autumn weather.

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What an awesome piece of work. Really, really good looking. I find your work inspiring, calling me on. I hope to know, one day, what it feels like to create something like that. So crisp, clean, perfectly knit and expertly put together.

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Thanks, Tom. My sweater is rather tame compared to your patterned one.

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Ron, you are an artisanal machine! The images are delicious...oh, and the sweater is great, too!

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Thanks, Mark.

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Beautiful work, Ron. The color is so correct for fall and the stitching is awesome. Thanks for sharing it with it. It really is an inspiring piece of knitting. I like the collar a lot. Is this a pattern I could buy, or one you created yourself?


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It is a top down raglan that I sort of tweeked to fit my requirements. I think you did one as well.

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I did a raglan as well and really like it. I still have to rip out the sleeves and re-do them so they fit better. They grew in the blocking process.

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very nice and a realy good work.

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Thank you.

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Great sweater, Ron. Enjoy your trip to Europe and tell us all about the yarn shops when you get home. ;-)

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Great sweater Ron, I love that B &L Sport. Lucky you going to Europe.

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Great Looking Sweater!