Wedding Veil

It has been almost a year since I last posted anything and 3.5 years since I posted my blog about the wedding veil I made for my daughter. I finally have an "in action" photo. She was married on 08/10/13. Mmario was the designer for the shawl, Vera Wang was the designer for the dress, and I have no idea who designed the cowboy boots she wore. If you want you can view more of the wedding veil photos on my flickr page at:


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Boots and that's an inspired combination....the post and beam wedding dance site exhilarates as well. What a glorious event! Congratulations to you and yours. The veil is astounding!

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Wow...we knew it would be stunning and it exceeds even that expectation. Congratulations on creating a new family heirloom. And congratulations to your entire family on the wedding. Many Blessings to all of you.

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Love it all - especially the boots and lace. Wang is a great designer. Your daughter looks beautiful as she should especially on such a wonderful day. Congrats. JRob

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Absolutely amazing! It must be so special for her to wear something her dad made. MMario has such talent as a designer. Vera would be proud to pair the two garments together as well. You should send her some shots of it being worn. Congratulations on the wedding and the veil.


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Absolutely gobsmacking! Congratulations to your family all around.

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Isn't it?

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Congratulations on creating such a beautiful gift for your daughter's big day. The veil is truly amazing and I am sure she will treasure it all her life.

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Perfectly lovely bride! What a joy to have knitted your daughter's wedding veil!
I made my daughter's wedding dress...wasn't doing much knitting then...and still haven't knitted lace.
You and your daughter should be very proud....perhaps one day a granddaughter will wear it...

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Congratulations Rick, beautiful veil and daughter. Love the venue.

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Love the veil. What a wonderful heirloom gift of love for your beautiful daughter.

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The Bride and the Veil are stunningly Beautiful!

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Stunning! Absolutely spectacular!