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This is the latest iteration of a sock I’ve been fooling around with for the past few years and more intensively in the past six months. I would like to make about 10 pairs of socks for myself that I can put through the wash with everything else, like I do with store-bought socks. I have used Ann Norling’s Adult Basic Sock pattern which Bill very kindly walked me through a few years back. I translated the pattern into “double-knit” from the heel flap on. I’ve now knit this sock so many times that I don’t even have to refer to the pattern anymore. I just know what to do next. It’s kind of nice.

So anyway I’ve been experimenting with yarn weights and stitch counts and needle sizes. I’ve knit sock yarn on size ones and while double-knit sock yarn doesn’t feel half bad on your feet it was just way too much work. I knit and knit and knit and knit and nothing happened.

Anyway now I’m experimenting with a DK weight, appropriately enough. I have frogged this particular version with the DK weight 2 or 3 times so far, so the yarn is getting a little fuzzy. It’s an Encore wool/acrylic blend. I switch colors every stitch which makes for a strong, completely interknit, yet very stretchy fabric. The little pool of blue on the front is from an improperly picked up dropped stitch.

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Very interesting, Tom. You are certainly analytic. Does the heel feel good with the two colours. Do you have some of the ten pairs completed?? I'm interested in hearing more about your experiments.

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Thanks, Ron. The heel feels good and the whole bottom of the foot feels good when standing on smooth stockinette as opposed to a bed of purl bumps. While I've made a lot of individual socks, I haven't yet completed even one sock of the 10 pairs I want to make. I’m still looking for the correct ratio of yarn weight, needle size and stitch count (“gauge,” I guess it’s called) that will give me the exact kind of sock that I want to wear. But I feel like I’m getting very, very, very, close. I’ve got a lot of hope for this current one with the DK weight yarn on size 6 needles...

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very nice

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Thanks, Christian.

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As a bit of a sock guru, I find the experiment very interesting. I don't know if I'll try it but it IS fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

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So far my goal of filling my sock drawer with hand knits is coming closer to reality. I too experiment. Once you get the basic idea of short rows and gauge I've come up with some pretty interesting ideas. I will share latter when I am closer to getting done on my chunky socks. I hope to use them when the house gets cooler with the season. I used 8 needles and it knits up fast. I can get one pair done in a few days.
Finger weights, I agree do feel great on but they take forever and I have to sometimes count over again and again to make sure I haven't dropped a stitch. Also size of the needle sometimes causes a split of the stitch resulting in more stitches than I need. Its a bummer having to go back a few rows. I am just starting the second fingerweight on some new Rowan that I picked up. I love the feel. But it took me a good week to get this far. Almost all of the patterns for this weight are very tight on me. So I enlarge them a bit. I don't like them to feel tight on my foot. I wear birkestocks all the year around accept in heavy snow. And if the sock is too tight I risk the possiblity of having the shoe slide off at various times.(kinda funny)
I have my drawer almost fill! And for some reason I find knitting socks very relaxing. I've knitted a few shaws this summer too using some of the Stephen West patterns that have come out. But I really like the challenge of the sock.
I wash mine in the kitchen sink, in batches. All the reds one week, blues next etc. I simply dry them on the shower rack like ladies tights. I use a vinegar lavender oil based rinse on them. I simply add the lavender oil to the vinegar then after rinsing off the soap I swish them around in the mix diluted in the rinse water. Sounds complicated but the results are very soft and lavender scented socks LOL.