Rhinebeck 2013

Hey All,

Is anyone going to be at Rhinebeck this year? And if so, are there any impromptu men's knit nights planned for the weekend?


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Hi Joseph, I'll be there with several friends, and we always run into quite a few of the guys from here and Ravelry. Are you going too?

As for organized meet ups, I'm not aware of any, but that doesn't mean there won't be any. I've thought about trying to organize a MWK meet-up on the grounds one day during the festival, and we could probably still make that happen.

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Rhinebeck? May I ask what and where this is?

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Hello Joseph! I'm one of the friends Aaron is referring to; my partner has it in his head to spend some time spinning and knitting on the big hill - I'm guessing that will happen in the afternoons. I love Rhinebeck, but money goes quickly and I kinda shut down in crowds, so some down time up on the hill is a nice (and affordable) respite. Feel free to drop by!

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I'm really looking forward to you buys coming to visit again. :-)

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Cool! I'll be there with my wife but we may stop by and say hey... We're coming from Memphis, TN so I can't bring my wheel, but it would be nice to sit and knit for a little bit!

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It'd be nice to meet ya. Do stop by!
I'm undecided whether I will knit or spin, but I have a better relationship with my spindles, anyway. Packs so much better, for one thing.

If people want to just hang out a bit, I figure the afternoon is best, so that people have time to rush to their favorite vendors in the morning.

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Cool! Perhaps we will run into you guys there.

Have any good vendor suggestions? This is our first time at Rhinebeck. Rachel is wondering if Coastal Colours will be there or if anyone will be vending their yarns.

I have the hardest time finding 'me' colors in yarn shops. I tend to lean towards earthy natural colors rather than pastels or bright colors -- so I'm looking forward to visiting the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth in A/3-4. Jennifer does a great job in that color theme.

Hope to see you guys there! We are touring New England before we get there on Friday...

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A couple of my favorites are Briar Rose Fibers and A Touch Of Twist. Briar Rose may be up your alley color-wise, with handdyed yarn and fiber ranging from bright to moody and dark, while A Touch of Twist has some beautiful one-of-a-kind carded spinning fiber in sweater quantities (although the ones I pick up from them always have a brilliant color pop).

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I'll be there with my friend and knitting buddy Michelle.
Here's the link for Thunderhorse or anyone else that had never heard of Rhinebeck:

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Hope that you do organize a MWK gathering Aaron. I'll be there on Saturday. I can't imagine increasing my stash, but will of course....but even better would be to find quieter area with other guy knitters.
On Thurs I have a day long class with Abbie Franquemont.