Stephen West's Chadwick

Good Morning Knitting Bro's,

West's Chadwick is on the sticks. Chadwick is a modern interpretation of a shawl beginning at the top, with the columns of slipped stitches, and grows outwards with increases. Clean lines and asymmetric sections accent beautiful yarns and high contrast colors. I've chosen a US hand painted dark grey 100% superwash merino by La Jolla and a Canadian hand painted chartreuse 100% Merino by Koigu Wool Designs. Both are fingering weight. It's for me and chartreuse is my favorite color. Have a great rest of the week and hope you are all finding some time to knit.


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When I was a very young teenager, living in mother said I could have a neighbor lady make a cowboy shirt for me. I picked out chartreuse taffeta!...of course, the snaps ripped out of the taffeta fairly quickly...but I loved that shirt.

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Luv ya Bill :)

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Wow Bill. Sounds fab! Reminds me of when my grandmother said I could pick the yarn for an afghan she would crochet for me. I chose a god-awful rainbow variegated acrylic and some bright red and green solids. It was like Christmas threw up. I pulled it out of storage years later and it gave me a major allergy attack so I got rid of it. Unfortunately it was the only piece of her handicraft that I owned.

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Around 1955 when I was quite young, shocking pink was the rage. My mother decided to paint the flat and be a little modern to "spruce it up a bit." That she certainly did - both living and dining room were painted shocking pink complete with mid-century furniture. Do any of you recall the kidney shaped coffee tables and wrought iron sofas and chairs? Well, we had them. My bedroom was painted cocoa brown, while hers was coral in color. However, the crowning glory was the staircase to the flat which was painted CHARTREUSE with candy apple red steps. Egad, how I survived I will never know. To this day pink is my least favorite color. I won't even allow pink flowers in the garden. Interesting how things from our youth carry over in to our old age. Keep up the wonderful knitting, I have always admired your work.


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Amazing stories and an interesting shawl.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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pink-also not a fan

chartreuse- LOVE! Maybe it's because of the alcohol association . . .

Currently working on Stephen West's Gullfoss . . . in the interminable 60 inches of stockinette :(

Not so colorful but will be daring for me in my monotoned world. Love colors for other people and IN THEORY but somehow, when it's for me, it's always the same: shades of black, taupe, grey, and off-white . . .

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I'm working on a Jared Flood woman's cardigan in solid grey, but I used a chartreuse waste yarn for the tubular cast on. I'm leaving the waste yarn in to keep the hem from getting stretched out as I knit the garment. Everyone that sees it goes first to the chartreuse waste yarn as the thing they love most about it... as if it's a design feature. Charcoal cardigan with a one-row chartreuse border -- a look whose time has come?


I love Stephen West designs Ive finished one shaw out of leftover sock yarns love it. presently working on a shaw for a friend of mine's birthday