Cushion collection

my second cushion is finished

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I'm anxious to start some entrelac...have a bag full of yarn just waiting to go...

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I love the cushions! Glad you decided to go with them instead of your other idea. They look great and useful; something we all need at times. John

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Wonderful work. I like them a lot and am tempted to knit some also.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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You have inspired me sir to attempt Entrelac. Your cushions are wonderful!

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Wow, those look great! I love the look of Entrelac but totally lack the patience. Enjoy them!

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Beautiful work!!!!!

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Thanks to all of you knitters

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Thanks to all of you knitters

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Beautiful use of Entrelac knitting. I really like making 3D balls and/or squares using Entrelac. I like the color choices you made as well. Lovely workmanship.

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Absolut schön! Congratulations!

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Ha! I never thought about knitted pillow covers. What a cool idea and you did a fantastic job of it.

Those look great. I love doing entrelac. About half way through a good sized entrelac throw/shawl.