Baby Ella

OK, I have tried three times to post this so I hope it goes through this time. I have never sent a photo of my knitting (for good reason) until now as I have always been in such awe of the work that you all do. However, my neighbors just had their first baby two weeks ago and during the summer months I used one of Louis' prayer shawl patterns to whip up a baby blanket. So here is Baby Ella Brooke with her blanket and don't you wish we could all be so content and relaxed? - John

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Ahhh, isn't that adorable such a nice photo, good job on the blanket, she seems to love it!


I have to agree it is adorable. It looks like you used cotton? I know some of the prayer companion books call for acrylic YIKES not for new borns. I also see it in Michaels and other craft stores. Maybe they have improved it but its very difficult to clean for new borns.

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Actually it is Alpaca wool which is very soft. Yes, I know that is a stupid yarn to use for baby things but I had had this wool for two years and tried knitting just about anything I could with it but it never grew into what I wanted it to. SO I gave it a try with this blanket and there it is. I guess that is what it wanted to be, something that will wrap around a baby and keep it warm.

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Beautiful baby....beautiful blanket!
...babies are surrounded by so much white, it's great to see a good colour...

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VERY nice - and I love Louis' Prayer Shawls - I'm on my 4th one right now! Which pattern did you use? Is it the Whelk Stitch?

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Yes it is the Whelk Stitch. I did get Louis' permission to use his pattern for a baby blanket and he replied that he has made several blankets using that pattern. Thanks for the compliment. - John

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I think a baby blanket is the equivalent of a prayer shawl....

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The blanket is lovely. The colour is perfect.

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Both the baby and your knitting are beautiful! Well don't. I'm sure Lou is giddy with honor that you used his design. It's fun to watch Lou knit. He and I spent an evening together in Milwaukee knitting and chatting. I didn't know he is left-handed, so it was a learning experience to watch him. He is also one of the nicest, most genuine people I have had the blessing to know. I have my eye on a couple of his designs to make during the cold winter months that are fast approaching.

Again, beautiful work!


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Such a beautiful photo!! I would love to see the entire afghan! The color is rich and wonderful.


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Wonderful work and the photo of the baby cuddled into its soft warmth is priceless. Thanks for sharing it.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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The blanket is beautiful good work.

You didn't need not need to wait. We are not about perfection, but the fun of knitting.

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Exactly, perfection is impossible sir. You're creating tangible love. We hope to see more of your work. Terry

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Aw! That is just too adorable for words! Wonderful blanky, and a lovely photo.

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That is a wonderful blanket and it appears it's recipient agrees whole heartedly. Wonderful work.

See, I do come around here. I just have been kind of quiet as of late.

Joe-in Wyoming's picture have been quiet here. But only because you've been so busy in the real world. Good to see you whenever I can, though.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful Work in such a beautiful color!