Midwest Fall Men's Retreat

Just got back from my FIRST men's knitting retreat. It was one of the best functions I've been with. Such a group of creative and caring men! And the food was to dye for! I ate WAY too much. Also bought more yarn than I needed so lots of projects to do. I plan on attending more!


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I went to my first retreat in Colorado this summer and I made such wonderful friends there. The food there was also astounding. I'm glad you made it. I wish I had remembered that it was only a couple hours' drive for me. I realized it two days before it started. Next year! I hope you had nice weather.



I hope to attend more of the other retreats too. It was great fun. I ate entirely too much. The weather was raining which for knitting purposes was great, however I do like to get out and walk a bit to break up the day. I also bought yarn much cheaper than here in my city. I was over looking my receipts and told the other gentleman I came with that it was about 3 x cheaper than what I would spend at my favorite knitting store. Most of the stores we visited(2) gave us discounts on top of that.

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So glad that you had a great time and looking forward to seeing lots of great new items from you made with all that brand new yarn you've purchased!


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Yes...Retreats are wonderful. I've been lucky enough to attend the Rocky Mountain Retreat since it began 3 years ago. The feeling of belonging and everything else that goes with the event are simply amazing. I'm so glad that you enjoyed yourself and hope you can attend more. If I was independently wealthy, I sure would.

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