Men In Knitwear Calendar Club 2014

a calendar of Pin Up men wearing knitted garments with patterns available. The first one is a "tank top".
"Men In Knitwear Calendar Club is a brand new concept from Stitch Seekers.
A calendar of, well... men in knitwear, but wait, there's more!
Each month also contains the knitting pattern for the knitwear pieces our lovely models will be sporting, it's a win-win!
Subscribe to the MIK calendar and enjoy a new man in your inbox at the start of every month. That's 12 small to medium sized projects on a larger than life man + the bonus cover design; a total of 13 super cool knitting patterns brought to life by our handsome models. We don't want to distract you from the knitwear so the models won't be wearing loads of other clothes. You'll never forget an appointment again!
You can opt to receive your men digitally or go for the digital and print package. If you choose print too, you'll have a gorgeous print edition of the men and patterns you have enjoyed throughout 2014 delivered at the end of the year and dated for 2015. Share the fun and give it as a Christmas gift to a knitting friend, or just selfishly hog all the loveliness to yourself.
If you've only just discovered MIK and the year is already underway - no need to wait till next year. Subscribe at any time and you'll receive all the months you've missed, wow! The only question is, can you handle all the excitement at once?"

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Bill's picture

I bought the calendar and downloaded the first pattern.
The pdf is very nicely produced!
...with shipping, the calendar pdf, and at the end of the year, the actual calendar came to $30.50.

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Great Information and the Tank top looks great! Thank You!


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Thanks for sharing Bill, I just got it!

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Cool idea.

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Just got this too - a great idea!

In cielo non c'e vino...beviamolo sulla terra!