Dr. Who Trailer

For all the Whovians out there.....here's the trailer for the 50th anniversary special. Enjoy.




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The scarves from that series are awesome!


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BBC-America is running a weeklong Dr. Who marathon leading up to the new Doctor.
The Doctors Revisited has been wonderful.

With the new Doctor, only one more regeneration remains...
But we all know, "the Doctor lies."

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I watched a bit of the marathon and of course the 50th anniversary. I found a short "making of" video on the BBC-UK site, but my son says there is a much longer one out there.

Just looked and found it: http://www.tv.com/shows/doctor-who-2005/community/post/dr-who-50th-making-of-2013-1385562212/

Happy Thanksgiving!


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that was fascinating!
...although I've never seen an episode...I certainly know the blue box and the dalek...

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If you have Netflix, you can watch the episodes there. I started with the 1995 "new" Dr. Who series. After a successful run in the 60s and 70s, it took a hiatus of about 20 years or so. While the early ones are good, the 1995 and beyond series are outstanding. I think Netflix has all but the last season. I watched them all this summer and fell in love with it.