Socks for my sister

Finally finished these socks for my sister. They will go perfect with her work clothes as she wears nurse's scrubs. They are a little more aqua-green than the pics. She already saw one when I finished it and loved it - fit perfect. Actually ended up knitting three socks as I had to frog the second ALL THE WAY when I found a mistake in the heel of the second one - a mistake she would have felt as it was on the bottom of the heel- ugh! Anyway glad to have finished. Will pop them in the post this week.

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Bill's picture

Very cheerful!

Tom Hart's picture

Great looking!

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I am sure your sister will love them - they are beautiful.

Thunderhorse54's picture

Nice work!! I absolutely LOVE the color. Might I ask what yarn you used?

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thanks! The yarn is Lorna Lace Limited Edition "Runs with Horses"

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What a wonderful gift for your sister, they turned out great!

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Lovely. really loving that blue!


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Very nice socks. Lucky sister, getting socks made with love.

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