I read a couple of articles (one of them was from an old "Threads" magazine that I have had for ages) on how to construct gloves and gave them a shot. I used Patons sock yarn and 2.75mm needles. They are nice and warm and for the most part fit nicely. However, on my next pair I will make the little finger first and then knit another half inch before making the other three fingers.

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great job! Gloves are the next project I want to learn how to knit...

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You did great ! Gloves are like socks, and the more you make them the more you learn.

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Those look nice and cozy. I look forward to making myself a pair soon.

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They look great and thanks for the though about the little fingers.

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Very nice work, Ron. And that background quilt is absolutely fabulous.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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My favourite quilt.

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Nice work, Ron. That’s a great idea about the little finger. I plan to start on a pair soon for a friend.