West's Chadwick - Almost Done

Good Morning All,

Life has been busy and I have not spent the time knitting I would have liked but I've been slowing completing West's Chadwick. I hope to be done by Thanksgiving. I just completed the first row of the final section "No. 3" - only 23 rows left to go. I hope everyone is having a great fall and gets some quality time with their sticks over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Regards, JRob

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It looks as if you opted for a blue instead of the grey. It looks great! So looking forward to seeing your finished object. Stephen West is Sooooooo Cool. Innovative! Happy knitting! :-)


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Color is actually a grey. Need to adduct the color on the camera. JRob

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Interesting. And it looks like purple and a neon/firetruck yellow on this monitor. Gotta love computers.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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