Top Down, In The Round Sweaters

Here's a question for all you guys - I'm looking for a top-down pattern in the round for a basic men's sweater. Any suggestions out there? I've done a few bottom up sweaters in the round, but not a real fan of the section near the neckline that has to be knitted flat (that part always looks "off" to me). Thanks!


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Ann Norling has a basic pattern...available at most knitting shops.
Covers all sizes and gauges... great instructions.

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Good Morning Corey,

I complete two top down raglans earlier this year. One was Bruce Weinstein's Raglan Sleeved Henley from his book "Knits Men Want" and the other was a free Ravelry download by Heidi Kirrmaier called simple summer tweed. I have blog entries on both showing the progress of the sweaters through various stages on the forum. Just check my postings if you're interested. Good Luck and keep us updated on what project you pick to do. JRob

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Here's a really simple free raglan. You can just skip the stripes if you don't like them. It's a pretty standard, no-frills raglan.

Here is one I am making now. I like the stripe of garter that goes from the neck down the sleeves.

Here is a raglan calculator that I have used. You may have to fudge a bit here and there, but it's a good one.


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I found a great men's sweater that is knit from the top down that has style and is an intermediate level sweater. Staci is the owner of the webpage and has completed the first level of a Master's Knitting program. Her website is called Very Pink and the web address is If you go to the home page you will find a link under Tutorials on the left side of the home page. Click on "sweaters" and scroll down to "men's sweater". The great thing about this sweater is Staci take you through the construction through eight videos. The sweater pattern costs $7.00 and can be purchased online and downloaded to an I-Pad, or any device you might own, and/or your computer. The design of the sweater is shown with a ribbed neck and a 12" zipper. Don't fret about the zipper because there is a video tutorial that she shows a unique way to add the zipper without using a sewing machine. If you aren't interested in the design with the zippered front, you could adapt the pattern and knit is without one. The overall pattern you will see is a simple 6:1 rib, is knit with worsted weight yarn on US 8 needles, and knits up quickly. Even is this sweater isn't of interest, her web page has lots of information and she has a great teaching personality and style. I have almost completed the body and sleeves and will tackle the zipper. Its worth your time to check Staci''s webpage.

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I also recommend a top down raglan. They are easy to knit, look quite nice for casual wear, and can be designed with a variety of neckline options. Have fun and I look forward to learning what you opt to do.

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Kerry's picture is a top-down in the round that I plan to do. Free on Ravelry.

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I am making that one now. It's a nice pattern. I especially like the garter stitch down the arms from the shoulder to the cuff.


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Thanks all! I'm going to (hopefully) cast one of these selections on this evening - will share updates as I go. Wish me luck!

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Good Luck! JRob

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Looking forward to how you do.

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