West's Chadwick Done

Morning All,

West's Chadwick is done and off the needles. Just needs to be blocked today. Thought I'd post some pictures so I have a record of the complete project. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and got some knitting in. Regards to all my knitting brothers, JRob

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Just in time for winter in the Midwest! Well done. The colors are very dramatic together. What are the dimensions? Can you show a picture of you holding it out in front of you, so we can see it in proportion to a person? It's quite well done.


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Sure Mark. I'll try to get one tomorrow but until then along the long edge it measures 70" My neck size is 17-1/4 inches and if I make the pattern again I would adjust the patten to make the scarf a little longer. I used a US #4 needle to gain the desired fabric consistency since the fibers where slightly different diameters. - JRob

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Most interesting play of lines and colors. Such great knitting skills, too. Congrats.

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Really Cool! I love so many of Stephen West's designs and your work on this looks wonderful!