My Son's Herringbone Scarf in Yale Blue - On the Needles

When my younger son was home this weekend he asked me to knit him a scarf in Yale Blue. He is applying to Yale's Graduate School of Music along with 4 other Universities. I've been wanting to learn the Herringbone stitch for some time and thought this would be a good project to learn the pattern. Here is a picture of my gauge swatch. I've chosen for him a machine washable fibre since I am sure it will be the easiest and cheapest method of laundering it. It is Berroco's Comfort Worsted Weight. Happy Knitting All, JRob

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love that Herringbone stitch!

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That's an interesting stitch. I've never seen it before.

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I am going to look up this stitch. It is beautiful.

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That is very nice knitting. Is this Herringbone stitch made by knitting and purling into the back loops. Sure looks like it to me. I hope he likes the scarf, it is lovely.

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Joe, I am sure you are aware that there are several knitting techniques to produce a herringbone pattern. Here is a link to the one that I am using which is a two stitch process


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I haven't seen that demonstrated. Quite nice, and not hard to remember. I'll have to test it with other weight yarns.
Thank you for the link!!!

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Thanks for the reply, JRob. I found one source that was a lot more complicated to knit. I find it interesting that I realized it was worked through the back loops but not the working 2 together. As Bill says, it is a simple enough stitch and is worth investigating and experimenting with.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Beautiful Stitch in a beautiful color!


This looks like an interesting stitch, but is the resulting fabric too thick for a sweater?

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Matti, I do not think so but it would certainly be for winter. JRob