Smoky Mountain Living

Though I live in the Mid-West (St. Louis to be exact) the Smoky Mountains hold a special place in my heart. As a senior in college I spent some time there and in the everglades with an ecology profession and several friends. That is why I occasionally pick up an issue of Smoky Mountain Living while grocery shopping today. I through a the December/January 2013/2014issue in the cart as I went down the magazine isle and was happy to see skeins of yarn in a woven basket on the cover. The lead article is Community Fibers Knitting's Resurgence. I have not read it yet but as my wife and I were unpacking the grocery bags she quickly flipped though it and commented that there were a couple of pictures of men knitters in the groups that are pictured. Now I really can not wait to read through the issue with a good cup of tea after dinner as I cozy up to the fireplace. Yesterday and today we received our first snow. Not much only about 3" but it certainly is pretty and has gotten me in the holiday spirit. Starting to baked Christmas cookies in the morning and then hope to get some quality time in with my sticks. Hope everyone has a nice weekend. JRob