Newest afghan

This afghan was made to give to a friend as a birthday gift. One of my favorite afghans I have made.

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Very Nice!


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Thank you!

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Thank you!

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Very striking colors. The black really makes the already bright colors really pop. I like it a lot. Is it crochet?

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Thank you, Mark! It is crochet.

It's beautiful. A rainbow is just what you need on a miserable winter's day.

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Thank you so much!

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I love this!!! I'm a big fan of color!!!! Inspires me to use a little rainbow in some of my works. Great work too by the way. I should knit an afghan like this......

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Thank you! I had been working with dark, somewhat monotone, colors so this was a breath of fresh air. I've had many requests for this afghan.

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Brilliant, beautiful work! Wow! Really well put together. Looks like a LOT of yarn changes. How did you do this? Did you knit it or crochet it? Really beautiful work. The colors are so perfect. Congratulations!

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Thank you so much, Tom! I crocheted this afghan using Lucy's Neat Ripple Pattern at I changed the color every two rows so there are a total of 55 stripes (110 rows) plus one round of making the afghan square and then two rounds of half double crochet. I quickly learned on other afghans to weave in the ends as you go along.

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That is a gorgeous bit of crochet. I really like the soft ripple effect as I've not seen it before. I may have to keep it in mind for a future project. I hope your friend enjoys it very much.

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Thank you, Joe! You can find the pattern at There are several ripple patterns out there but I like this one the best.

Love the colors. A lot of gray days around here lately. Looking at your afghan would add sunlight to anyone's day!!

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Beautiful piece of work and so colourful.


Beautiful work! I love the colors